What is BlueChalks?

BlueChalks provides easy access to animated educational content with an endeavour to improve learning outcomes for all students. We are building a new way to enable learning. Our goal is to make learning easy and fun for each and every student.

Why should I join BlueChalks.com?

BlueChalks is a comprehensive visual learning support system to master the concepts. The content is based on NCERT Textbooks. Register to make learning an enjoyable experience.... no matter when or where, with specially designed animation lessons.

How do I join BlueChalks?

To become a member of BlueChalks.com, go to the "Home" page, click on "Student, Register Here". Choose a username and password and enter your information. Then click the "Submit" button and you're done.

I am not a student! Can I register at BlueChalks.com?

Apart from Students, Schools can register themselves by clicking "School, Register Here" on home page. Our representative will get in touch once we receive registration from schools.

How much does it cost to join BlueChalks?

It is FREE to register an account with BlueChalks. Moreover, you can also access the premium content making use of our various schemes/ promotions.

How do I subscribe?

There are packages available for CBSE classes VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, Math’s and Science subjects. Click on "Subscribe" to go through list of packages.

How do I access the videos?

There are three ways through which you can get access: - Purchase a subscription pack - Refer two friends to register with BlueChalks. When your two references will register, you will receive an email from BlueChalks with access details. - If you have a promocode, use the same to access our premium content.

Can I access the videos without subscribing?

Yes, you can view a sample video of each chapter of each subject for any of the class.

What's the benefit of taking a subscription?

You get access to the content which is modelled completely on NCERT Textbooks and you can view any video unlimited number of times within the expiry date of Subscription.

What is Profile?

Profile' is your personal information page. Please make sure that your profile page is updated correctly. It would help us identify your learning needs and offer you just the services that suits your requirement.

How can I create my profile?

Your profile at Bluechalks is immediately created with the details you have selected while registering an account with us. However, you can later visit the 'Profile' page and update more details.

How I can choose the class, for which I need to buy subscription?

While doing student registration you can choose the class and post registration user can buy a subscription which will be applicable only for the class chosen at the time of registration.

Can I change the class in my profile?

You can’t change your class in your profile. We will offer one month window from 15th March-14th April, where a user can change the class in his profile. Once user changes the class in the profile the current active subscription will be applicable to the new class chosen.

Can I change my screen name?

No. You cannot change your screen name once it is created.

How do I make the payment?

We have various online payment options. You can choose to pay using either Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Net Banking etc.

How safe and secure is the payment that I make through your website?

We have taken special care to ensure that all financial transactions through our website are secure and trust worthy. To ensure this, all payments are processed via 3rd Party Secure Payment Partners.

How do I access the videos after I have made payment?

Now get an access to your subscribed content by following the simple steps as below: - Log into the website with your registered email ID. - You will be directed to your user dashboard. - Review your subscription/package details under the subscription tab. - Click on any chapter of your subscribed content from the menu bar at the top.

My profile is out of date. How do I update it?

Login to your BlueChalks account in the website. Click on the 'Profile' link and you can start updating your profile.

Can I cancel my subscription?

No. Package once subscribed cannot be cancelled.

Is there a validity period or an expiry date of subscribed content?

Yes, each package comes with an expiry date. Please confirm the validity period of the package you are subscribing to by checking the details of the package.

Can I go to any section in a chapter without completing the chapter?

Yes. You can navigate to any section without completing the chapter/ topic.

Can I save specific videos for future revision?

Yes. You can save specific video for revision which also can be seen under the revision tab.

Can I adjust the volume?

Yes. You can do this by clicking the Volume control panel at the task bar on your desktop.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten you password you can request for password reset mailer to be sent to your registered email address.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, login to your BlueChalks account in the website and click on the 'Profile' link. There you will find a link to change your password.

What can I do on Social Websites with my BlueChalks Account ?

You can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, what you are doing on BlueChalks. You can post that you have been watching a particular video, you can share our sample videos and you can like the videos.

Aboutblue chalks

At BlueChalks, we devise products and services, which make learning easy and fun for the students. Our products make the learning interesting for students, thereby ensuring that concepts are easily understood. This helps students to build a strong conceptual foundation; which is the key to success in all areas of life.